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Fashionably Late? Fans Wait Past Midnight for Madonna's New Show To Start

CBS News reports that by all accounts, Madonna's first attempt at her new "Tears of a Clown" show was worth the wait -- even if that wait was more than four hours long. Madonna took a break from the Australian leg of her "Rebel Heart" tour to perform a new, more intimate style of show called "Tears of a Clown" at Melbourne's Forum Theater Thursday night -- though the show ended up being Friday morning. The singer apologized for the delay and for any mistakes that she and her band made during the gig, as it was a "work in progress." Wearing a jeweled grill that made her difficult to understand, she also told the crowd that she was not making any money on the tour because of all the late fees in each city. She arrived riding a small tricycle, circling the stage a number of times before comically falling off near the front.

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