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11-Year-Old Student Wants Justin Bieber to Apologize

Justin Bieber needs to think about his use of the subjunctive mood. An 11-year-old U.K. student wrote a very critical note to Bieber about a grammar issue in his 2012 song "Boyfriend." In the song, Bieber tells an unnamed love interest that "if [he] was [her] boyfriend, [he'd] never let [her] go." According to the student, Bieber's verb use here is unacceptable. "Here you have clearly used the subjunctive mood incorrectly," he wrote. "The lyrics should, in fact, be 'If I were your boyfriend.'" Teacher Louise Williams posted the note to Facebook, where many commenters noted the boy's own poor grammar. Fortunately, Williams said the kid wasn't upset by the critiques.

Source: Inform

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