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'Get Hard': What the Critics Are Saying

In 'Get Hard,' Will Ferrell stars as millionaire James King who is heading to San Quentin State Prison for fraud. He enlists the help of his building's car washer, Darnell Lewis played by Kevin Hart, whom he mistakenly believes has served time, to toughen him up before his stint in the big house. The Hollywood Reporter's John DeFore says, "The two very different comedians work fairly well together here, with an energized Hart (whose character hides the fact that he's barely more streetwise than his employer) running roughshod over a naive, fearful Ferrell. Aiming low in a way that will scare off some of Ferrell's fair-weather fans, the pic is unimaginative but does a good enough job to please the rest of them (Fans of Hart should enjoy it more)."

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